Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Woke up thinking about work. . . WTF does it mean? What do I want to do? I dunno. Wish I did. Short sentences today. Gotta take LGM to St. Stephens. Why? Just took her to CHS Saturday. *sigh* Oh well, guess it doesn't matter. Sent off for PACE sh*t yesterday. :-/ Apparently, I only care about things while I'm doing them; then all interest just falls away. Is that normal? Who cares? WTF is normal anyway, and what's it got to do with me? Yes, I am questioning and answering myself this morning. Yikes! Sometimes I feel a bit panicky inside. *deep breath* Then it goes away. F*ck!F*ck!F*ck! Just free-flow thinking (or not) this morning. Gotdammit! *sigh* OK, am I angry about something? What? No. Just confused. Panicky. Crisis of Faith much? Damn! Gotta walk the dog. F*ck!

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kavitha said...


Sounds like my mind, the endless jump between the "real" world outside and that within my world inside.

You sound like u are in a search, but the outer world seems to get the better of you.