Monday, November 12, 2007

Dream Migration

This is a reprint of a dream I had 2 months before I moved from Boston back home. Originally published Sunday, 28 September 2003, and entitled Sleeping Dogs

I finally understand the dream about the dog.

Monday night I dreamt I was at my house at home and my Mother is in the front of the house and I am in the back. I hear a screeching noise like someone is outside. The noise startles me and I tell my Mother, "I think someone is outside." She indicates that she didn't hear anything.

When I pass by the door I notice that there is someone there - policeman in a sheriff's uniform. Again, I tell my Mother that he's at the door. She comes and answers the door.

The sheriff says, "Is that your dog out there in the road?"

I am not aware that we have a dog so I am surprized when my Mother without hesitating answers, "Yes."

The officer goes on to describe the dog as, "...A black & brown dog with a long nose, curled up in the street.." I strain to see around the policeman, and it is rather dark out so it is hard for me to see. Eventually, I focus on a large dark lump lying in the street in front of the house.

I think to myself, "Oh, he was hit by a car." "He must be dead." "I wonder if we are responsible for removing him or if the city will do it?" "We will probably have to... before he starts to stink."

Just then I see a slight movement from the dog. I am surprized that he is still alive. In an instant another car whizzes by and strikes him again. He wimpers and rolls under the tires. As the car passes, I still see him writhing and wimpering in the street. I cringe at the sight & wish something would end his misery.

Then I wake up and the phone rings. It is about 9:40pm. Ange calls me. I tell her I just had a disturbing dream, but I don't go into details.

I question if the dog is my loyalty to myself or something else... but now it seems a clear karmic message from my subconscious. I am the dog and the cop and myself and my mother... even the cars that shoot out of the dark.

My only relief is to get out of the road and lay on the grass to heal.

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