Friday, December 19, 2008

Dharmis, Yogis & Zen

ok so I started a Dharmis, Yogis & Zenists group on Twitter. Not sure how to promote it..

Promoting the Lesbians group was simple enough but this seems a bit different. Perhaps I'll leave it to promote itself and see what happens! Hahaha.. :) Yeah, that sounds about right. Perhaps members will be attracted thru bhutatathata..

Ok, I admit, I am just looking for an excuse to use the word, bhutatathata because that is my favorite word.. :D Let's say it again.. bhutatathata.. bhutatathata.. yay! bhutatathata.. *sigh* Alright, I feel better now.

Hmm.. so where to find other Dharmis? I know they are somewhere out in the ether.. I guess I could start to scrounge Twitter for them, but then what? I have no particular reason for wanting to find them. Just something to play with, I suppose, like this blog post. :P

Oh, but I made the image above for the group then decided against posting it there, so I'm posting it here instead for now.. Nevermind, I just posted the image at the group too.. Hmm.. It was pretty uneventful. It will be nice if the developers improve the capabilities of Twitter Groups.

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